Cub Scout Pack 151 Committee meeting

November 7, 2011

Attendees: Charlie Niven, Mike Bailey, Mike Fish, Shawn Pade, Scott Larson, Denise Dickson, Brent Anderson

  1. October Pack Meeting and Fall Festival recap and feedback
  1. October Meeting – Great Guest from the Wildlife Science Center in Forest Lake
  2. Fall Festival – Form collection deemed a success, great venue, great day.  Continue to move the location around from year to year to keep it fresh.  Lions and Tigers were disappointed they couldn't shoot.
  1. Fundraising Update
  1. Popcorn Update - $15,158 ($11K last year)
  2. Wreath Update - $8.507 ($7K last year)
  1. Confusion over standard and upgraded 25” wreath pricing cost us some margin
  2. Training issue related to how to order the upgraded wreath caused ordering confusion
  1. Total Fundraising Sales - $23,665
  2. Winners for Dens and overall will be highlighted at Thursday’s meeting.
  1. Recognize 5 scouts with $1000 overall
  1. Tasks to be done
  1. Wreaths delivered by the 17th, Pick up on 18th 7-9 & 19th 10-5
  2. Thank you cards for Storefront Businesses written by the Pack meeting to be signed by the Scouts and delivered to Festival Foods, Sam’s Club and the Hugo Lions Club
  1. University of Scouting Reports from Mike B., Shawn, Mike F.?
  1. Those who attended learned a lot and had fun.  Next opportunity in April.
  1. District Roundtable News from last week
  1. Received our Friends of Scouting Packet for Blue & Gold
  2. Received our current Trail to Excellence Scores with guidelines to make Gold Level for this year.  Gold Level is achievable with some effort.
  1. Storage Update – We still need to make arrangements.  Hope to have it this month.
  2. November Meeting Final Prep
  1. Gathering plan not complete yet
  2. Flag Ceremony (Bears)
  3. Legion Presentation - What do they do for our Community and Veterans
  4. Lions Token Handout
  5. Announcements
  1. Fundraising Results – Totals, Tops in each Den, Tops overall and 5 at $1000 Recognized. Other info and prize selections at Mike Bailey’s station during Loop activities
  2. Thank you card signing with Mike Bailey
  3. Service Project Opportunities from Denise
  4. Polar Cubs Registration – Camp Phillipo, Feb 25th (Cannon Falls) [$30 & $10]
  5. Spring Family Camp Interest Count May 4-6, Fred C. Anderson
  6. Class B Shirts & Sweatshirts – Den leaders will hand out to their groups as they leave so shirts don’t get confused and lost
  7. December Pack Meeting Announcement
  1. Sea Life Aquarium - MOA
  2. Sunday, Dec 11th at 1:30pm
  3. All Scouts with 1 Adult will be paid for by the Pack
  4. Additional Adults and Kids can be purchased for ???
  5. Behind the Scenes Tour and Wildlife Conservation Belt Loop
  1. How Belt Loops and other tables will work
  1. Belt Loop Stations – What & Who
  1. Astronomy – Brent Anderson
  2. Computers-Mark Lindberg?
  3. Good Manners -  Mike Bailey
  4. Map & Compass - Webelos II (Mike Forsythe) - If you own a compass, please bring it to the meeting for the scouts to use.
  5. Marbles – Jarred Dickson
  6. Art – Tracy Miller
  7. Geology-Denise w/Webelos 1s
  1. Closing Announcements – Please Help with Cleanup

  1. December Meeting Agenda – Discussion and Decisions related to Dinner w/Santa changed to See life Aquarium at the Mall of America on Sunday, Dec. 11th.  The Pack earned free passes for all Scouts by reaching our Fall Recruiting Goal.  We will take these passes and combine them the Dinner budget to allow each Cub with 1 Adult Partner the ability to attend at the Pack’s cost.  Additional Adults and Siblings can purchase tickets to attend as well.

  1. Other topics from previous meetings carried over until next month’s meeting:
  2. Jan-Pinewood Derby Pack Meeting
  1. Chair- Jeff, with help from Charlie, Mike B. and Gabe W
  2. Needs
  1. A Plan for the Day
  2. Track-buy the additional items (Charlie get list, Denise to order it)
  3. Location- School TBD (Goal to have a venue by next Committee Meeting)
  1. Open Class-will be cancelled this year until we get a better order of operations
  2. Lions can participate can advance through District to Council
  3. Mike F-will make a wooden track to play on
  1. District Pinewood – Pack 151 is running the Races and will advise another Pack on our success last year with Food
  2. Feb-Blue & Gold DInner Pack Meeting
  1. Chair-Shawn Pade
  2. Friends of Scouting – Mike B.
  3. Catered Meal?

  1. Family Camp Planning (May 4-6, 2012)
  1. Majority of planning delayed until next month.  
  2. Denise check on availability of Fred C. Andersen Camp Cabins
  3. Troop wants only to work with Webelos.  Will ask them to run a Saturday night campfire, too